What to Wear Wedding Dress Shopping?

What to Wear Wedding Dress Shopping?

What should I wear wedding dress shopping? This is one of the most common questions asked by brides and bridesmaids when they go out to try on wedding dresses. Here are some tips and guidelines to help you get the most out of your time at the bridal shop, and to make sure that you will not be embarrassed or disappointed in the pictures from your wedding dress shopping trip!

When you are shopping for your wedding dress, it can seem like everyone around you is wearing white. From the salespeople to your potential bridesmaids, everyone seems to be wearing the same color scheme. This can make it difficult to know what to wear wedding dress shopping and stick out from the crowd, but there are ways to pull off this look with ease. Here are five tips on how to dress wedding dress shopping without ending up looking just like every other bride-to-be.

2 Tips to nail your bridal gown styling

The wedding gown can be one of the hardest pieces of a bride’s ensemble. Here are two quick tips for dressing up in your dream bridal gown:

  • Be mindful of the trends: Keep up with current styles, but don’t go too trendy. If you’re getting married in 5 years and everyone is wearing long trains now, it might not look as timeless by then. Go more classic or traditional with a sleek and sexy silhouette! Not just any old skirt will do. Make sure there is enough tulle or lace to flow out behind you and plenty of sparkle up top!
  • Pick out some killer shoes: This may seem like an afterthought, but picking out the perfect pair of heels or strappy sandals will really make that outfit shine! Choose something that complements the material of your dress and compliments your body type. If you want to show off those stems, choose sky-high pumps. A block heel is great if you want something on the lower end for comfort purposes. Whatever shoe style you choose, make sure they go well with the length of your hemline so they don’t become too distracting from the rest of your look!

4 Outfit options

When going to a bridal shop, you should consider the location of the store and how much time you want to spend at the store. First, look in your closet for attire that is similar or neutral colors and style. Second, accessorize with your own jewelry (except for pearl earrings). Third, bring two or three shirts and slacks for possible changing room events. Lastly, bring shoes with a heel if needed. This will allow the bride-to-be try on different dresses without having any shoes on!

  • Wedges with red jeans and a burgundy top: For this look, select flats that are comfortable because they will not have their heels during most of their visit in the bridal store. Make sure to pack an emergency pair of flats in case the heels become too painful or inconvenient.
  • Knee high boots with leggings and a dark purple shirt:
  • Cute wedges with black pants and a simple green blouse:
  • Platform sandals with jean shorts and an off-the-shoulder white shirt

6 Ways to stand out while wedding dress shopping

Wedding dress shopping can be daunting and overwhelming, especially for women that may have no idea what to expect. So, if you’re planning on going wedding dress shopping soon, here are some tips for standing out:

  • Carry a list of the things you know you don’t want your gown to look like.
  • Request specific styles and silhouettes from your retailer so they don’t show you something without any parameters set.
  • Wear your best undergarments when trying on dresses- whether it’s a suit or full lingerie – it will make all the difference in how they look on you and feel while you’re trying them on.
  • Bring someone with you to help hold up different parts of the dress so you can see how it would actually fit your body.
  • Know your budget before going into the store!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions! If there is anything at all you’re not sure about or don’t understand, please ask!

4 Things you need to remember when buying a bridal gown

A little preparation before you set out will make the experience a lot less stressful and more fun. Here are some tips that should help. Let’s take a look at each one in detail:

  • Know what you want

If you don’t know, this isn’t the time to explore your options. Your goal should be to find your perfect gown, not an inspiration photo and have it altered by someone else’s designs, so focus on what you think would work best for your body type.

  • Research boutiques

Some of the big box stores can offer good deals but they won’t offer much variety. Boutiques may be expensive but they typically offer a wider selection. In addition, buying from boutiques gives back to small businesses and helps them stay afloat during these tough economic times.

  • Consider cost of alterations

When you buy your gown, ask about any costs for alterations or if there is a discount for alterations if purchased at their store. You also need to factor in how much you’ll spend on the right undergarments (bra, panties, bra strap pads), shoes, hair and makeup, plus transportation and parking fees.

  • Bring a friend

Shopping with friends makes the process more enjoyable because they’re there to share opinions while providing moral support throughout the process. You can also bring a family member or two depending on how large your party is!

10 questions you must ask your stylist

  1. What is your vision for the bride’s look? Be as specific as possible. The more specific, the better! 2. What time of day is the event? 3. What kind of event is it (i.e., ceremony, cocktail hour, etc.)? 4. Is there a specific color theme? 5. Who are you hoping to impress at this event? 6. How much detail would you like in your gown (e.g., beading, lace)? 7. What does the bride typically do after seeing dresses with her stylist? 8. How long does it take for me to find my perfect dress if I come without a concept in mind? 9. Can I take pictures during my appointment or is that not allowed? 10. Is there anything else I should know before we start looking at dresses?


  • Have a game plan. Before you head out, grab an app on your phone that has a look book of what you’re looking for. Consider whether or not the brand is something you feel great in and can afford. This will make things go a lot smoother than perusing racks endlessly and letting nerves get the best of you!
  • Make sure it’s the right season. If the seasons are changing, check back at a few months from now when prices will be more reasonable for dresses that need alterations. Then if it doesn’t work out this time around, come back for them! Remember, we all have our own style and taste so there is no wrong answer. You’ll find what works for you eventually.