How Much Does Udemy Pay Instructors

How Much Does Udemy Pay Instructors

If you are interested in learning new skills and expanding your knowledge, then you have likely heard of Udemy. Udemy is an online learning platform that provides a wide variety of courses on topics ranging from business and technology to lifestyle and personal development. With Udemy, you can learn from top-notch instructors at your own pace and convenience. But how does Udemy pay its instructors? In this blog, we’ll discuss the different ways that Udemy pays instructors.

What Is Udemy. How Does It Work?

Udemy is an online platform that provides access to courses from different instructors and experts from around the world. Each course includes a course curriculum, video lectures, assignments, and other resources for students to use. Udemy also offers interactive quizzes and assessments to help students gauge their progress and master the material. All of these elements come together to create an effective learning experience.

Udemy also offers a variety of payment options, including monthly subscription plans, one-time payments, and discounts on bundles. This makes it easy for anyone to find an affordable option that works best for them.

But how does Udemy work? The platform makes it easy to find a course that fits your needs. All you have to do is search for a topic or keyword using the search bar and browse through the available courses. When you find a course that looks interesting, you can click on it to read more about the instructor and course syllabus. 

Once you decide to purchase a course, you will be taken to the check out page. From here, you can enter your payment information and confirm your purchase. Once your payment is processed, you will be able to access the course materials and begin learning. Depending on the course, you may have access to the course materials for a set period of time or an unlimited amount of time.

Udemy is a great resource for anyone looking to learn a new skill or improve an existing one. With its variety of payment options, easy to use interface, and wide range of courses, it’s easy to see why Udemy has become a popular choice for online learning.

How Much Does Udemy Pay Instructors?

Udemy is a popular online learning platform that allows instructors to create and share their expertise with the world. Udemy instructors can choose from a variety of course topics, from programming and web development to business and health and fitness. As an instructor, you have the freedom to set your own prices for your courses and make money each time a student enrolls.

But how much does Udemy pay instructors? The answer to that depends on a few factors, including the type of course, the course price point, and the number of enrollments. In this blog post, we’ll explore the specifics of the Udemy instructor payment structure.

  • General Payment Structure

Udemy pays instructors based on a revenue sharing model. Instructors receive a percentage of the course’s total sales price each time a student purchase the course. This percentage varies depending on the course price point and the number of enrollments. For example, if a course is priced at $20 and has 100 enrollments, the instructor will receive 50% of the total revenue.

  • Course Price Point

Udemy has several course price points, ranging from $20 to $200. The higher the price point, the higher the percentage of the total revenue that the instructor will receive. For example, a course priced at $200 will earn the instructor a much higher percentage of the total revenue than a course priced at $20.

  • Payout Multipliers

In addition to the course price point, Udemy also offers payout multipliers. These multipliers are determined by the number of enrollments in the course. As the number of enrollments increases, the instructor’s percentage of the total revenue increases as well. For example, if a course has 1,000 enrollments, the instructor will receive a much higher percentage of the total revenue than if the course had only 100 enrollments.

Factors That Influence Udemy Instructor Pay 

Let’s take a look at the three primary factors that influence Udemy instructor pay.

  • Course Content Quality

The quality of the course content is one of the most influential factors when it comes to Udemy instructor pay. Instructors who provide high quality content, with comprehensive explanations and good visuals, will generally be rewarded with higher pay than those who don’t. Udemy looks at the overall content quality and assesses it in comparison with other courses in the same category. If your content is better than the average, you’ll likely see an increase in your income.

  • Course Promotion

The second factor that influences Udemy instructor pay is promotion. If you’re able to effectively promote your course, you’ll likely see an increase in your pay. You can do this by using social media, creating a website, or reaching out to influencers or affiliate partners to help spread the word about your course. All of these methods can help to increase the visibility of your course and ultimately result in a higher income for you.

  • Course Ratings and Reviews

The third factor that influences Udemy instructor pay is ratings and reviews. Udemy looks at the overall rating of a course, as well as the number of reviews it has received. Courses that have earned a high rating and a good number of reviews will generally have a higher income associated with them.


The average Udemy instructor pay can be quite varied, depending on the instructor’s experience, the number of students they teach, and the type of course they offer. To maximize Udemy instructor pay, instructors should offer quality courses that are in demand, have a well-crafted sales page, and leverage marketing techniques to reach potential students. With these techniques, instructors can maximize their earnings and make the most of their Udemy experience.