What to Wear on an Apartment Tour: The Ultimate Guide

What to Wear on an Apartment Tour: The Ultimate Guide

Moving apartments? Before you go meet with your potential new landlord, it’s important to make sure that you’re prepared with all of the information that they might ask you about and don’t forget to bring any application forms or references that they might need to get from you. To help you prepare, we’ve created this article on what to wear on an apartment tour so that you can look and feel your best while showing off the best version of yourself possible. Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to impress your potential new landlord and snag yourself a great place to live!

Timing your outfits

Take a look at what people are wearing around you when you take your own apartment tours. This will help give you a rough idea of what to wear—or, in some cases, what not to wear—during your tours. Plus, you’ll know if there’s anything else besides clothing that can make or break your style during a tour (like undergarments). Take note of these details and try to emulate them. Another trick is asking fellow renters about their own experiences with what they wore during their tours; it could be another good source of information. In any case, do what works best for you. You might want to bring more than one outfit option just in case something goes wrong or doesn’t fit quite right. It’s better to have too many outfits than too few! Finally, always keep a clean outfit packed away somewhere just in case your main outfit gets damaged before your next apartment tour. A backup outfit is never a bad thing to have. For men: Wear dark, muted colors like gray, black, brown and navy blue. Dress up as though you were going on a job interview or going out to dinner with your significant other. Jeans aren’t usually appropriate unless they’re pressed or otherwise well-maintained. Dark-colored slacks paired with a dress shirt and tie should suffice. Avoid logos wherever possible since landlords tend to favor applicants who dress conservatively. Keep jewelry simple as well; stud earrings should be fine but avoid flashy necklaces or rings unless you’ve got piercings as well—the last thing you want is for metal to clang against metal while walking through apartments!

Outfit 1 – The Classic Casual Look

The classic casual look is a surefire way to show a landlord you’re comfortable and confident in your style. The key to pulling off casual wear on an apartment tour is to choose pieces that are timeless, versatile and clean-cut, as well as high quality (that includes fabrics with durability and sturdiness). Shoes: Choose brown or black leather lace-up oxfords. They’re flexible for formal events but not too dressy for an apartment tour. Shirt: Opt for a patterned button down with flat front pants. A plaid shirt, for example, will add interest to your outfit without being distracting or distracting from those around you. Jeans: Go for dark wash jeans and make sure they fit snugly, like skinny jeans. This ensures they don’t bag at your knees when you sit down. Belt: Make sure it matches your shoes! Trousers/Pants: Go with khakis if you want something more casual than denim jeans. Coat/Jacket: If it’s chilly outside, go with a trench coat or peacoat that can be dressed up easily by adding a scarf or tie around your neck. Scarves/Ties/Pocket Squares – For extra flair, throw on one of these accessories! It adds personality to an otherwise basic outfit and helps distinguish yourself during an apartment tour.

Outfit 2 – Formal/Dressy look

A guide to what to wear on an apartment tour depends on two things: how formal it is, and how much space you’ll have in your apartment. If you’re seeing lots of places, or if many people will be coming with you on your tour, then choosing an outfit that’s both comfortable and versatile will make things a lot easier. Choose an outfit that can take you from a quick lunch with your spouse to a late-night dinner with clients—without needing any changes along the way. What to wear: The dress code for these sorts of tours can vary widely: from business casual to cocktail attire for more upscale tours. As long as you look presentable, don’t worry too much about whether or not your clothes are technically appropriate. That said, there are some general guidelines to follow when deciding what to wear on an apartment tour: Wear pants (jeans are fine) instead of shorts so that you’ll be prepared for all weather types. Wear closed-toe shoes (or heels) since most apartments don’t allow sandals (and if they do, it’s usually only during warmer months). Avoid wearing white since it may get dirty easily and stains may show up against light colors (especially if you’re going over carpeting). Dress comfortably – remember that you’ll likely spend most of your time walking around buildings so choose something easy enough to move around in without feeling restricted.

Outfit 4 – Business casual or interview outfit

Unless you know your apartment tour is an interview or a business visit, be sure to wear something on which you wouldn’t mind being seen at work. Business casual or interview outfits are best for apartment tours and other social outings where you may meet people who can influence your future job opportunities. Be sure to wear clean and comfortable shoes that won’t stand out in a crowd (think simple tennis shoes or loafers). Consider wearing colors that are neutral such as black, gray, white, tan/browns and blues. Your clothing doesn’t have to be brand new; it just has to be well-cared for. If you want to make a statement, try mixing patterned shirts with solid pants or jackets. Avoid wearing bright colored pants or shirts that draw attention to yourself. You don’t want your clothes to distract from what you will say during your tour of the property.


While there’s no one way to dress on a tour, in general you should wear clothes that allow you to move around easily and don’t make too much noise. Pants with an elastic waistband are great for apartment tours because they can be quickly pulled up or down without hassle. Also, keep an eye on your shoes: avoid heels and other noisy shoes that might attract attention. Remember: first impressions matter in every aspect of life and apartment tours are no exception. Showing up dressed as if you were attending a funeral can give potential landlords pause; imagine how they might view you as a tenant! Instead, aim for something more casual—jeans, a button-down shirt and flats would work well. That said, remember that these things may not always go as planned. If you show up wearing jeans but find out apartments are being shown off-site at some point during your visit (or vice versa), it’s best to be prepared by bringing along another outfit just in case. In addition to showing respect for others who may also be touring properties at the same time, it will also show prospective landlords how flexible you can be when faced with challenges! At last but not least, remember that first impressions matter – so make sure yours is good by dressing appropriately when visiting an apartment complex!