What to Wear on a Jeep Tour

What to Wear on a Jeep Tour

Wondering what to wear on a jeep tour? First, you should know that you’re not likely to be wearing your best clothes when you go on one of these tours. Jeep tours can get dirty and messy, so it’s best to wear clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty and/or tearing in the process of experiencing the joys of nature (and some adrenaline-inducing driving). That said, here are some fashion considerations to keep in mind while planning your trip.

You’ll want to wear comfy and appropriate clothes for the weather conditions, as well as clothing that are easy to take off and put back on at the end of your trip. With this in mind, avoid dressing too warmly if you’re going on the jeep tour during summer months, as you might get too hot once you start moving around with the wind blowing through your hair. Dress in layers instead, so you can easily remove them if you get too hot and replace them when you start getting cold again.

Casual Outfits

Jeep tours are typically casual and involve being outside, so you’ll want to wear something that’s comfortable. Jeep tours are often done in the summer, which means it can be hot during the day and chilly at night- so it’s important to pack some clothes that can be layered. That way you can adjust your outfit depending on what the weather is like.

  • A t-shirt or tank top
  • Shorts or jeans
  • A sweater or jacket for when the evening starts getting colder -Sandals, shoes or boots that can get wet and dry quickly
  • A hat to protect from sunburn or keep warm -Warm socks to put on if your feet start feeling cold as the temperature changes -Sunscreen (if doing a daytime tour) or bug spray (if doing an evening tour)

Semi-Formal Outfits

Jeep tours are often full of excitement and adventure. When you’re out in nature, there is nothing better than feeling the cool breeze against your skin. Different weather conditions will call for different clothes, so it is important to pack accordingly. Here are some examples of what would be appropriate attire for a jeep tour:

-jeans and long sleeve shirt -tank top and shorts with SPF protection -long sleeves and pants if it’s cold outside or snowing -capris and a dress if it’s really hot -nice workout clothes that can get dirty, such as leggings and a tank top -light weight clothing because temperatures change fast In addition, it is also important to bring along water and snacks! A common mistake people make when packing for a day at the national park is forgetting food. As soon as you’re done with lunch, breakfast might seem like an eternity away. It’s always best to pack granola bars, apples, bananas and nuts so that you’ll have something to munch on throughout the day! There are also times where cell phone service may be sparse depending on where you are in nature; which means bringing maps just in case!

Formal Outfits

Jeep tours are usually an all-day affair, so it’s important to dress in layers. I recommend wearing jeans or other durable clothing, as well as a long-sleeved top and sturdy shoes. Jeeps are bumpy, dusty rides, and you don’t want your clothes getting ruined. Tuck your long sleeves under your shirt so they don’t get pulled down by the wind. Bring sunglasses, sunscreen and insect repellent for protection from the sun and bugs. Pack snacks in case you get hungry; you’ll be surprised how quickly time flies on a jeep tour! Be sure to wear natural fabrics such as cotton and wool that breathe, stretch, and dry easily. A hat is also highly recommended. If you’re going on an adventure with children, pack a change of clothes because kids tend to make messes! And for maximum comfort and safety, be sure to put on closed-toe footwear and bring a pair of rubber boots just in case you need them. That way if it starts raining, you can keep walking without soaking your feet – or worse yet, slipping over rocks or stepping into water!


Jeep tours are a thrilling way to see the world around you in an up close and personal manner. If you’re planning on going on one, make sure that you are dressed appropriately for the occasion. Jeep tours can be strenuous, especially if they take long distances over rough terrain, so it’s important that you wear clothes that will allow movement and won’t restrict your movement. Be mindful of where your jeep tour is taking place as well; make sure that your clothing isn’t too warm or too cold for the climate at hand. It’s always best to err on the side of caution when it comes to what we wear, so dress accordingly! The most important thing about what to wear on a jeep tour is making sure that our clothing doesn’t impede our mobility. Jeeps have notoriously small seating areas, so anything with zippers or buttons should be avoided. Also avoid any clothing with strings hanging from them which could potentially get caught in machinery like gears and motors. There are many other considerations for appropriate attire, but I think these will give you a good foundation for dressing for your next adventure!