The ultimate guide to visiting all 50 states in 12 trips

The ultimate guide to visiting all 50 states in 12 trips

If you’re looking to visit all 50 states in your lifetime, this guide on how to visit all 50 states in 12 trips will show you exactly how to do it. From the best ways to travel, to packing tips and itineraries to help maximize your time, this comprehensive guide will show you how to plan out the perfect 12 trips across the country so that you can visit all 50 states before you die. Get ready for an adventure!

There are 50 states in the United States of America, and each one offers something unique to visitors. Whether you enjoy learning about history, finding new places to swim, or checking out the best local eateries, there’s no better way to experience the diversity of our country than by visiting each state at least once. This guide will show you how to visit all 50 states in just 12 trips, ensuring you can experience the best of what each one has to offer without spending your entire life saving up for plane tickets!

1) Choose Your Trip

This guide will help you plan a 12-trip visit to all fifty states in the continental United States. The first trip should include your home state and the neighboring states of one or two other states. This will allow you to get an overview of what each state has to offer while making it easier to travel between them. As you explore more, the routes can be adjusted accordingly.

The second trip should include one or two of your favorite places from your first journey, plus some additional stops that were on your initial list but were not included due to timing constraints. From there, you can move on to another region for three additional journeys before going back around the country and revisiting regions as desired. For example: Trip One: Home State – Pennsylvania – Maryland – Delaware – New Jersey – New York Trip Two: Florida – Georgia – South Carolina – Virginia Trip Three: Massachusetts Maine Connecticut Rhode Island Trip Four: California Nevada Utah Wyoming Idaho Washington Trip Five: Illinois Michigan Indiana Ohio Kentucky Tennessee Oklahoma Arkansas Missouri Mississippi Louisiana Alabama Florida Georgia South Carolina Virginia Michigan Indiana Ohio Kentucky Tennessee Oklahoma Arkansas Missouri Mississippi Louisiana Alabama You may want to spend less time in areas where you have already been extensively or do not plan on being so extensively, such as Washington DC, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

2) Create Your Route

  • Make a list of all 50 states.
  • Figure out which states are in the east, south, and west regions.
  • Divide your list of states into these three regions and prioritize each one based on what you would like to see first to last.
  • Start with the region that has the lowest priority and work your way up to the region with the highest priority by visiting one state from each region per trip until you have visited them all twice. 5. Assemble a travel kit for yourself or as a gift for someone who wants to visit all 50 states in 12 trips, including: snacks and beverages, camera/phone charger, sun protection items (hat, sunscreen), identification (ID or passport), binoculars (if you plan on viewing wildlife), mosquito repellant/insect bite cream/lotion, cash or credit card for emergencies.

3) Do Some Research on the Places You Want to Visit

Even though you’re going on a road trip, it’s not just about driving. You want to see the sights and experience the culture, right? The first thing you’ll need is a destination, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled some of the best places in America that will make your adventure complete.

New York City

New York City is one of the most iconic cities on earth and should be on everyone’s bucket list. With so many sights to see, this city has something for everyone. From Central Park and Times Square to the Statue of Liberty, there are plenty of destinations for you to explore.

Washington D.C.

Want an up close view of American history? Look no further than Washington D.C. Home of our president and U.S. Congress, the nation’s capital is a must-visit destination for those who love politics or art history. Whether you want to visit famous monuments like the Lincoln Memorial or head over to Georgetown for some shopping, D.C.’s got it all! 3. Las Vegas – What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…except when you come back home with incredible memories! A world class city known for its gambling, luxurious hotels, and world famous restaurants, Sin City never disappoints with its bright lights and big attractions like Madame Tussauds wax museum and The Strip’s street performers! 4.

4) Budget/Pack

Planning for your trip is important, so it’s best to map out your route and budget before you start. You’ll need a vehicle, gas money, lodging, food, and other costs. Consider what you want to see on the trip and make sure you have plenty of time in between destinations. The U.S. isn’t that big after all! Some travelers think they can’t get to all 50 states in one trip, but it turns out if you visit two or three at a time with travel days in between, it’s not that hard at all. Traveling through the United States doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg; consider camping or staying with family members when possible or stay off of popular sites (like Niagara Falls) when there are other options nearby. Visit our blog post for even more helpful tips! Planning a trip across America may seem daunting, but it is achievable—and rewarding—with proper planning and organization. First, take into account how much time you will have available for such an endeavor; long enough to visit each state twice over means 12 total trips in 10 years. While the journey will undoubtedly be costly, driving provides numerous opportunities for free camping as well as less expensive accommodations near tourist attractions. Lastly, if possible find ways to save on gas by purchasing fuel cards or filling up during times outside of peak hours—traveling during the middle of the day tends to be cheaper than overnight rates.


Take a look at your list and check off the ones that you have already been to. Then, figure out how many more you want to visit. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to visit them in any particular order, so if there are some states that are farther away from you or are not as easy for you to get to, make sure they are on the list. You will have a great time visiting these places and seeing what makes each of them special! And when you’re done with your 12th trip, start planning your next one! The best part about this plan is that once you complete the journey by finishing your last state, you can go back to any place that really grabbed your attention and do another tour of just those. So make sure to take notes about where your favorite spots were during this process!