The Long-awaited Arrival of Spring in the Mountains

The Long-awaited Arrival of Spring in the Mountains

For most people in the country, winter is just about to end, meaning spring will be on the way soon. For those of us who live in mountainous regions, however, it’s not quite as simple as that, as mountain winters are harsh and can last much longer than their coastal counterparts. Many years ago I experienced my first mountain spring, which was unexpected after suffering through what seemed like an endless winter, and since then I’ve been yearning for spring to arrive every year around this time of year. Here’s what happens when spring finally arrives in the mountains. Some of the best ways to enjoy the arrival of spring in the mountains are by taking a hike through one of your favorite forests, and relaxing with some friends around a campfire at night as you enjoy the views of the sunset beyond the mountaintops.

What Makes It Long-Awaited?

While the winter months are still cold and long, we will do anything to feel the sun on our skin. We eagerly await the arrival of spring in the mountains. We have been cooped up for too many months and long for a break from the snow and ice. There is something about the first signs of green that makes us happy inside. The anticipation of warmer days ahead fills us with hope that we will survive this winter yet again. Spring brings new life back into our valley as flowers bloom and trees start to grow leaves. Flowers sprout in window boxes and gardens, reminding us of all there is to look forward to this year. What could be more beautiful than waking up to sunshine in April? Spending an afternoon outside with your dog on a warm day in May or June? Or going out for dinner at night under the stars in July? All these things remind us how lucky we are to live where it snows nine months out of the year. It’s not always easy but it’s worth it when you see how much greener everything looks when summer arrives.

Where Are the Most Beautiful Places to See Spring Appear?

Spring has finally arrived in the mountains, bringing with it new life and new beauty. The air is fresh with the scent of wildflowers, and the ground is covered in a blanket of bright green grass. The mornings are cool and crisp, but by noon the sun’s warmth can be felt on your skin. It’s a perfect time to escape from winter’s chilly clutches! Here are our top five favorite places for witnessing spring come alive:

A trip through Appalachia’s lush green forests will transport you into another world where snowdrops, violets, rhododendrons, and azaleas grow together in a tangled mass.

Some of the most striking views await visitors at Great Smoky Mountain National Park who head up to Clingmans Dome or Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail.

Pristine lakeside views abound near Newfound Gap or along the shores of Fontana Lake. In Rocky Mountain National Park don’t miss Horseshoe Lake which is at its best when surrounded by blue water lilies and yellow trout lilies while elk graze on nearby meadows.

How to Enjoy This Season Best?

For many, spring means new life, warmth, and color. It’s a time to get outdoors and enjoy the outdoors. For those who live high up in the mountains, spring brings relief from a long winter’s chill and a chance to escape cabin fever. But it can be hard to know how best to enjoy spring when you’re on top of a mountain. Here are some ideas:

  • Explore your surroundings

The natural beauty is at its finest during this time of year with flowers blooming and leaves budding. Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature as you hike through local trails.

  • Celebrate nature

Enjoy fresh air by hosting an outdoor party or barbecue for friends and family.

  • Play outside

Spend your days soaking up sun rays while biking, kayaking, fishing or picnicking along a riverbank.

  • Get down from the mountaintop

Living in higher elevations during this season also comes with dangers like thinner air, lack of tree cover and extreme weather changes so make sure to keep safety precautions in mind before getting out there for some fresh air!

How to Spend This Time with Fun and Profit?

Spring is always a welcome time in the mountains. The days get warmer, flowers start to bloom and the snow begins to melt. But while it may be a time of year that brings with it new beginnings, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy this change in season. Read on for our favorite springtime activities. We’ve been looking forward to spring’s arrival all winter long, so let’s make the most of this time before summer arrives!

Watching the first leaves sprout from branches has never felt more satisfying! Spend an afternoon out picking daffodils or tulips; no need to do anything but pluck them right out of their natural habitat. Sometimes these little things can mean more than they seem at first glance. When you find yourself lost in an unknown place (even if it’s only metaphorically), pulling a flower from its stem can provide comfort just as easily as lighting up a home would. These tiny blossoms are far more significant than they look at first glance.


Every year around this time, people start to eagerly await signs of spring. The snow starts to melt and leaves emerge from the ground. And when spring finally arrives, it feels like a new beginning. It’s like shedding your winter clothes for shorts and t-shirts and getting back outside to enjoy the warm weather! When I was younger, I looked forward to summer because that meant I could stay up later and watch movies or go out with friends. But now I’m excited about summer because that means hiking season has arrived! I can’t wait to head up into the mountains and explore nature all day long until dusk falls upon us. That will be the perfect way to end our day–relaxing at a campfire with good company as we gaze at an amazing sunset over the horizon… There are many other things that make me happy about this coming spring. All my favorite TV shows will be back on air (including Glee!), there’ll be so much variety at the farmer’s market, and I can start watching my fantasy football team play again (Go Saints!). Read more for these type of blogs.