How To Use Mobile As CCTV Camera Without Internet?

How To Use Mobile As CCTV Camera Without Internet?

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How to Use Mobile as Cctv Camera Without Internet(Complete Guidance)

The process of how to use mobile as cctv camera without internet is not complicated. You just need the following: 

  • Your Smartphone 
  • Image App (iSnap, Snapseed) 
  • Local Storage (Dropbox, Google Drive) 
  • Computer with Internet Connection and Preview App (PhotoGrid, Preview) – External Memory Card for Camera for smartphones 

The most important thing you should take into consideration when making a live feed is where will you store your data? A good suggestion would be in a cloud storage or on an external memory card that can be inserted into your smartphone. If you want to upload the video online then use an app like Facebook or Youtube which has automatic sharing function that will automatically upload it in a format that it can be seen on all devices. In order to view this data, go to any device that has Internet connection such as a computer with preview app or a smartphone. All you have to do is select the file from your local storage or from the remote server and choose open after which it will show up in a window inside your chosen app. Now click save and voila! Your video is saved permanently! There are many other ways to do this depending on what type of phone you have but these instructions work for almost every single one out there so don’t worry about being confused by them. I hope this helped and if you have any questions feel free to comment below. I’ll answer your question as soon as I see it!

The basics of setting up your mobile phone as a CCTV camera

One of the most important parts of securing your property is a security system. There are many different types and styles of security systems, but there’s one that you may not have thought about: using your phone. With the right apps, you can turn your smartphone into an effective CCTV (closed-circuit television) camera. The first step is downloading an app on your phone that works with CCTV cameras, like IP Webcam or Netcam 360 Pro. Once you’ve downloaded the app, search for IP Webcam and download it onto your phone. Once installed, launch the app and press Start. You’ll be prompted to select a name and password for your new IP Camera. For the name, we recommend something simple like Front Door. As for the password, make sure it’s something you won’t forget and write it down somewhere secure. Make sure you take advantage of all available features by enabling night vision and audio recording. Press ok when finished. Next click on Settings > View > Crop Image Size and adjust to your desired resolution. To do this, we recommend setting at 640×480 pixels so there will be enough room for live video feed when viewing at full screen size later on in iOS or Android devices.

The benefits of using your mobile phone as a CCTV camera

A lot of people these days are looking for a way to make their homes more secure. There are many ways you can do this, such as installing security cameras outside your home. However, if you don’t want to spend the money on new surveillance equipment, there is another option that may work just fine: using your existing smartphone or tablet as a CCTV camera. This post will provide some tips and tricks on how to do this with your Android device. The first thing you need to do is download an app called App Cam from Google Play Store. You can also download it from the App Cam website if you have access to an Android device. The good thing about this app is that it’s completely free and has no ads which means that even users who don’t have much money in their pockets will be able to install it and give it a try (or keep using their phone). 

One of the great things about App Cam is that you can use different types of webcams as well, which means it doesn’t matter what kind of computer/mobile device/webcam combo you’re working with because they should all work fine.

Download the Necessary Apps

There are a number of apps that you can download on your phone in order to make it function as a CCTV camera. One such app is the Nest Cam, which has a feature called Sightline. This feature allows you to see what’s going on in your house while away from home. You can also set up Sightline so that you are alerted if there is any activity at home when you’re away. The other app mentioned is the IOTASPY, which allows for remote viewing of video footage on your phone. You can also get notifications when there is movement or noise detected. If you want to be able to view and control your camera remotely, then take a look at the Apeman 4-in-1 Smart Home Security Kit which includes an IP Camera with WiFi connectivity and night vision capability.

Connect to a Local Network Without Internet Access

If you have a smartphone, you can connect your device to your local Wi-Fi network by either creating a Wi-Fi hotspot on your phone or through tethering. 

You can create a hotspot on your phone by following these steps: 

  • Tap the ‘Settings’ icon on the home screen of the phone. 
  • Select ‘Wi-Fi’. 
  • Check the box next to ‘Wi-Fi Hotspot’, then tap ‘Create’. You will need to enter a name for your Wi-Fi network and confirm this with an email address. Enter any password you want into both boxes, then hit ‘Next’. Your hotspot should now be created and set up. To connect other devices to the hotspot, they will need to know what it is called (the network name) and what password they need to use in order to access it. In order for them to do so, you’ll need to provide them with that information before they try connecting their devices. Now that everything is set up, head back into Settings and make sure that the Wi-Fi tab is selected. Scroll down until you find your newly created wireless hotspot from earlier – just click on its name and select ‘Connect automatically.’ You’re ready!

Connect Sender Device from App

Install the app on your phone and connect it to the sender device. Insert batteries in both of them and turn them on. Make sure you are connected to the same wi-fi network with the sender device. The app will now show a live feed from your camera and you can view it anytime anywhere in real time. The sender device will also send an alert when someone is at the door or if there is any other movement detected. It’s super easy! You don’t need an Internet connection because everything is done locally via Wi-Fi connection. You only need to make sure that both devices are connected to the same network, which is very simple with all these new routers that support multiple devices and have a guest option too. If they’re not connected to the same network, they won’t be able to communicate – so this won’t work unless they’re on the same wireless hub. But if they are, then it’s really simple. Simply download the app to one of your devices (it doesn’t matter which), then open up settings and find the ‘Wi-Fi Direct’ or ‘P2P Mode’ button. Select this button (you might need to do it twice) and you’ll see a list of available devices to connect with on your Wi-Fi hub. Choose one from this list and click ‘OK’.

Check Stream From the Receiver Device

Streaming video from your phone is really easy. Almost all of the major manufacturers have an app that you can download for free on Google Play or the App Store. Once installed, your phone will be able to act as a cam and send video from the receiver device. There are two ways to do this: 

Use WiFi

With WiFi enabled and connected, you can connect your phone with the receiver device by either scanning a QR code or entering in the pairing information manually. This will allow you to receive up-to-date videos and pictures from a remote location.

Wifi Direct

Using wifi direct, you will need to first scan the wifi network name and then enter in the password. Follow these steps carefully so there’s no lag during transmission:

  • Tap Scan on your device.
  • Select WiFi Settings. 
  • Tap Network Scan. 
  • Scan your desired network name then select Connect. 
  • Enter in your wireless password and tap OK. 
  • Return back to your previous screen and tap Done (the circular arrow). 
  • You should now see the wifi network you just added under Wireless Networks > Wireless Network Name.
  • Tap at the bottom left of the screen. 
  • Make sure Enable Screen Mirroring is checked under Connection Type. 
  • Swipe down until you find Camera followed by . 
  • A prompt will appear asking if you want to mirror both screens or just one. Choose Mirror Both Screens then click Yes. 
  • If prompted for confirmation, click Confirm again before closing out of all prompts with Finish at the top right corner of the screen.


For some, the idea of a camera watching over your home can be a little bit scary. But with today’s technology, there are many options available that make this idea much less intimidating. One such option is by using your smartphone as a CCTV camera. It might sound complicated or difficult, but it’s really not if you know what you’re doing. Keep reading to learn how to set up your phone as a CCTV and keep an eye on what matters most! For many, installing a camera in their house is just too much. The idea of living under surveillance all day every day is just too unnerving. But with today’s technological advances, there are many different ways you can live safely and securely knowing that somebody cares about you and your property from afar.

One way to do this is by simply turning your smartphone into a security cam! If sounds complicated or even impossible but it doesn’t have to be – especially when we teach you exactly how easy it is below:

Install Mobilink on Your Smartphone To start off, install Mobilink on your iPhone/iPad so that all video data gets streamed in real time through WIFI back to the device being monitored from another location.