How to put on a wig cap with long hair

How to put on a wig cap with long hair

A wig cap can be an important part of your wig, especially if you have long hair or will wear your wig outside the house or at work. A wig cap helps your wig stay on securely, and when it’s done right, you should barely notice it under your wig. But since many people don’t know how to put on a wig cap, it can be difficult to get the right fit. Keep reading for tips on how to put on a wig cap with long hair so that you get the best results from your hairpiece in any situation!

A wig cap is essential to ensure the longevity of your expensive human hair wig and to create a tight seal around your natural hair. It will also reduce friction, which can irritate the scalp and cause breakage in your own hair. This step-by-step guide will show you how to put on a wig cap with long hair, but these steps can be applied to all lengths of hair as well.

Prep the hair

Prior to preparing the hair, it’s important that you know if you want the wig cap to be seen in the final look. If so, use hair clips and bobby pins for an invisible finish. Otherwise, be ready for everyone around you and those close up to see your scalp! To keep the edges of your head clean, trim any split ends before braiding or wrapping. This will ensure they don’t get caught in the band of your costume or hat. Once all strands are clipped away from your crown, apply some liquid oil or conditioner and comb through thoroughly before putting on your wig cap. It is much easier to cover your hair when it is wet than when dry. Apply the wig cap: Start at the nape of your neck and work the fabric down over your ears, tucking in stray hairs as you go. Wrap both hands around the sides of your head, then overlap them onto one another and push down while smoothing out any wrinkles towards either side until secure under each earlobe – make sure there are no gaps between where one hand meets the other. Finally, wrap each side across to meet at back of neck and secure tightly with bobby pins or elastic bands for added security (optional).

Put your wig on

The first step is putting your own hair up in a ponytail. Next, pull the elastic from the back of the wig cap over your head, securing it around your ponytail. Pull out a couple strands of your own hair and push them through the holes at the top of the wig cap. Then adjust by tugging down lightly and pulling hairs through to make sure they are secure. Once you are satisfied with how tightly it’s secured, use bobby pins or Velcro dots to keep it in place. Pull off any stray hairs that may be visible under the wig. Place the wig securely on your head, making sure that all the edges are lined up correctly under the neckline of your shirt. Flip your head upside-down and comb through the hair so it’s smoothed back into shape. If there are parts sticking out that need trimming, do so now. After everything looks good and tidy, tuck your real hair into the wig cap and adjust until you’re happy with how it looks. You should be able to barely see where your real hair starts in the front; if not, cut some more! And if there’s any wild hairs poking out of your real scalp that need taming—such as an unruly eyebrow—use some eyebrow gel or concealer on them before they poke anyone else’s eye!

Tighten your lace wig

  1. 1. Comb your hair back and away from your face and scalp, using gel or spray if necessary. 2. Take the wig from the front of your head, avoiding contact with your natural hair, and bring it over the top of your head until it’s at the back 3. In order to secure it in place, you can use pins or combs. Do not braid any of the knots in so they won’t pull out later – that can cause damage to your natural hairline! 4. Pin into place at each side, like an upside-down V shape 5. Move across the top of the head to pin up as much length as possible 6. Push all strands of hair behind the wig 7. You may also want to use clips for some added security 8. Securely tuck the lace part of the wig into the hairnet underneath 9. Gently brush down any stray hairs around your face 10. If there are too many parts sticking out, then it might be time for a trim 11. Use oil or cream around your part line 12. Put on makeup 13. Wear sunglasses 14. If you have bangs then comb them down first 15) Make sure to take pictures before wearing outside 16) Check yourself in the mirror before leaving

Adjust your wig

Long hair will inevitably have to be tamed if you plan on wearing it up under your wig. Take the front ponytail and twist it, then braid or put in a low bun. Once this is secure, take your bobby pins and pin the tail to the back of your head or use an elastic headband if you prefer not to pin. You can also use clip-in extensions from the start and leave them up so they can stay out of your way when adjusting your wig. If your hair is too thick, create two buns at the top of your head and wrap them around one another. Use a small amount of hairspray to keep everything in place before putting on your wig cap.

Final Thought

If you want your long hair to be pulled up and out of the way, try either the French or Dutch braid. Both styles will require some amount of bobby pins, so make sure that you have a variety before starting. As always, start at the front part of your hair first. Use an elastic band near your forehead, wrap it under your head and then loop it around your ponytail base again. From there on, take pieces of ponytail and add them one by one before wrapping them around the elastic band. Do this until you reach the end where you should be reaching for strands only from the front side of your head. Read more for these type of blogs.