How To Put Hands up in GTA 5?

How To Put Hands up in GTA 5?

It can be difficult to put hands up in gta 5. First, move the right analog stick into your desired direction and then press the face buttons to raise your hands, which are the square and circle buttons on PS3 and XBOX 360 respectively. Alternatively, you can press the down button on the d-pad and then press circle or square to raise your hands. Just like making any other movement in GTA 5, putting your hands up as easy as performing this combination of button presses and movements in the game’s physical interface. In Grand Theft Auto 5, it is fairly common to have cops chasing you down and trying to kill you. This can be highly frustrating if you don’t know how to outrun them! In this article, I’m going to show you how to put your hands up in GTA 5 so that the cops will stop chasing you down (but not arrest you). Let’s get started!

How do you put your hands up in GTA 5

First, you need to get a gun. There are two ways of doing this. You can take one from a criminal or find one laying on the street. Next, find someone to rob and hold them at gunpoint while going through their pockets. Once you have a weapon and some money, head into any nearby clothing store and buy new clothes (you may want to change your hairstyle as well). With the money you just stole from your victim, purchase some suitable clothes for robbing people. Now that you’re dressed for the occasion, it’s time for the final step – robbing people without getting caught by cops! You’ll want to stay away from cops because they will arrest you if they see you committing a crime. The best way to do this is to wear a disguise when committing crimes so that nobody knows who you are. When robbing people, make sure not to scare them too much so they don’t run away. Robbing somebody at gunpoint with no witnesses will earn you more than 100 bucks per person. It takes patience but being able to successfully rob somebody is rewarding and great fun!

Step by step process (More easy) your phone

2.Open the internet

3.go to cheats and enter the cheat

4.get out of your car

5.put your hands up

open your phone 

Open your phone and go to the settings tab. Scroll down until you find a game option. If you’re playing on an Xbox 360, it will be called Xbox. If you’re playing on a PlayStation 3, it will be called PS3. Select it and turn off the vibration and sound.

Open the internet

  1. Open the internet 
  2. Type gta 5 how to put your hands up into the search bar 
  3. Click on the first result 
  4. Click on Watch this video and wait for it to load 
  5. When it’s done loading, click on Play and watch the video until it ends 
  6. After watching the video, close out of YouTube and go back onto Google

go to cheats and enter the cheat

There are many ways to raise your hands in GTA V. The most popular way is the N key which can be found on your keyboard, but there are also other keys which you can use as well. You will find these keys on your keyboard and they are Q, E, and R. To raise your arms with a Q button press it by pressing the left hand mouse button. In order for you to use the E key for raising your arms press it with the right hand mouse button. To utilize the R key for this purpose you will need to press it with the left hand mouse button. All of these buttons are found on your keyboard and each one has its own function so please take care when using them. For example, if you want to jump while holding the LMB or MB2 button at all times. Make sure that you have either a parachute or another vehicle in your possession. If not, there’s no chance that you’ll survive if you try to jump from an elevated position such as from overpasses, rooftops, bridges etc. Keep in mind that when doing this type of stunt/jump you must keep the following things in mind: 

1) make sure that your parachute is active; 

2) release the parachute before hitting the ground (landing); 

3) make sure that before jumping off anything higher than two meters tall; 4) don’t forget to use both the arrow keys simultaneously (LMB + MB2). If done correctly then both feet should land firmly on terra firma without any issues whatsoever. Now that we know how to do those four important maneuvers it’s time to move onto our next task which is

get out of your car

First of all, turn off your car engine. Get out of the vehicle and walk away from it. Stand on the sidewalk and stand with your back to the car. Place both arms above your head, so you are making a Y shape with your body. Slowly lower one arm at a time until they are at shoulder height. Now that you’ve seen how to do it, go try it out! Make sure not to stand too close or too far away from the car – if you do either of those things, Michael will tell you what’s wrong. Be sure not to take any weapons with you before following these steps. When police come and try to arrest Michael for standing still for more than two minutes (2 mins), he will be put in jail for four hours fine! Remember: when driving around town, obey traffic laws like stopping at red lights and yielding to pedestrians

put your hands up

#1: Press both thumbsticks towards the center of the controller. This will make your character raise their arms out and away from their body. 

#2: Hold down both triggers at the same time and pull them back. This will make your character put their hands on top of their head with their fingers interlaced behind it. 

#3: Keep the triggers held down while you press A or X on either side of the controller’s directional pad. This will cause your character to turn around and face that direction while still keeping his/her arms raised above his/her head with fingers interlaced behind it. 

#4: Use a left trigger for a left-hand animation and a right trigger for a right-hand animation. You can’t switch between animations by pressing buttons as long as you’re holding down the corresponding triggers. If you release one of the triggers, then pressing a button will allow for the corresponding hand to come off its current animation so that you can use that hand again.

If I am playing as Franklin, I will use my L trigger. If I am playing as Trevor, I will use my R trigger.


Put your right hand on your right shoulder. Keep it there and look down at the ground. Put your left arm by your side, with the palm facing outwards. Put both arms out to the side and slowly lower them. You can also touch your stomach if you want. The last step is to hold up two fingers to show that you’re unarmed. It doesn’t really matter what size of a gesture you make as long as people know that you’re not armed anymore. Now that we’ve done all this, let’s move onto how to put someone else into custody!