How to Get Makeup Out of a Carpet?

How to Get Makeup Out of a Carpet?

A stain on your carpet can be an eyesore and makes you feel like you’re living in less than ideal conditions. There are things that you can do to prevent staining your carpet and to remove stains when they happen, but some stains are not something that you should try to remove yourself. Makeup stains are one of these types of stains that it’s best to leave up to the professionals who have the tools and the skill set to remove them with minimal damage to your carpet fibers.

Cleaning makeup out of carpet can be tricky, and stains that don’t come out completely can set in over time, making it even harder to remove the makeup from your carpet than when you first spotted it. Follow these five easy steps and you’ll be able to successfully remove makeup stains from your carpet in no time!

Gather supplies

Pile some paper towels and/or newspapers on the wet area, then place a plate or tray on top. Take an ice cube tray and fill it with hot water. Fill up a spray bottle with distilled white vinegar, lemon juice, or alcohol like vodka or gin. Add approximately 2 tablespoons of dish soap and water to dilute. Carefully pour the liquid over the moist spot as if you were making mud in your hands. Using another towel, gently dab at the fluid until it starts coming up onto the paper towels or newspaper. Be careful not to push around more make-up from deep within the carpet pile. Continue this process until you’ve completely soaked up all of the liquid. You may need to switch out paper towels after every so many pours. When you’re finished, use clean paper towels or rags to dry off the saturated surface and blot away any remaining moisture. If there’s still a stain, you can try using rubbing alcohol (which is usually available near the cleaning supplies) instead of diluted vinegar. You can also try adding baking soda to increase its effectiveness.

Pour boiling water on the stain

  • Pour a pot of boiling water over the stain and walk away. There’s no need to rub the stain into the carpet that only spreads it further. Let the water sit on top of the spot for as long as possible, usually 10-20 minutes, then use paper towels or an old towel that you don’t mind ruining to soak up as much liquid as possible.
  • Use hydrogen peroxide and dish soap mixed together in equal parts one cup each. Don’t make it too sudsy! Lather up the mixture with your fingers until it is fully lathered and massage it into the stained area. If you want, add more hot water (or boil more) to make sure that there are plenty of bubbles. After about five minutes, wipe away any excess soapy residue with clean water using a cloth or paper towel. Repeat this process if necessary until all makeup has been removed from the carpeting . You may also try an enzyme cleaner like Nature’s Miracle. Mix 1⁄4 tsp of the product with 1⁄4 cup water in a spray bottle and apply to stains. Allow it to set for 30 minutes before blotting dry.

The good news is that when you know how to remove makeup from carpets, there’s really nothing else better than knowing how to prevent it!

Blot with a dry cloth, then dab up any excess moisture

If the stain is fresh, blot it with a dry cloth. Next, dab up any excess moisture with paper towels. Finally, if necessary, you can spot clean the area with an appropriate cleaner, like rubbing alcohol or dish soap.

For more advanced stains like oil-based makeup, first use cold water and detergent as a pre-treatment. Let that soak for about five minutes before trying to clean it up. Then proceed with using liquid dish soap and warm water or hot water (if you’re not worried about color fading).

Stain removers are also available at your local grocery store and make quick work of heavy stains on carpets and clothing when sprayed on ahead of time. To remove a tough stain without damaging the fibers in your carpet, try one of these methods:

  • Lightly rub baking soda into the stain until most of it has been removed. Wait 5-10 minutes and vacuum off the powder. You may need to repeat this process if there’s still some residue left behind after vacuuming.
  • Apply a thick paste made from cornstarch or talcum powder over the stained area and wait 10-15 minutes before vacuuming up any remaining residue from the carpet fibers.

Let it dry

To start, make sure the carpet is dry and that there is no more moisture present. Remove as much residue from the surface as possible by blotting it with a clean towel. Next, take some warm water and mix in one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. Cover the area with this mixture and allow it to soak for five minutes before carefully blotting it up with a towel. You may want to use an old toothbrush or similar tool for this step if there are stubborn stains remaining on the surface. Repeat these steps until all stain has been removed then proceed with regular carpet care routines when you’re done!

When dealing with tough carpet stains like lipstick and foundation, which have a tendency to set into fabric fibers over time, don’t be afraid to work gently but thoroughly. If you can’t remove them right away—for example if they came from your boyfriend’s shirt collar—it’s still important not to let them sit so they don’t become harder to remove later. Whether it’s foundation staining your rug or pet food getting ground into its fibers, they should be dealt with promptly so they don’t cause permanent damage. Once you notice an issue, follow our easy steps above right away so it doesn’t get any worse.


An important step in removing makeup stains from carpets is vacuuming the affected area. Make sure the vacuum has a rotating brush, as this will help loosen dirt particles and smears that are on top of the carpet fibers. Be sure not to use your vacuum’s brush attachment for this, as it could cause permanent discoloration on your carpets or damage your bristles. Instead, experiment with different settings and suction levels until you find one that works best for loosening all traces of makeup while keeping your carpet looking clean and neat. Take care when using an upright vacuum cleaner to ensure that the nozzle does not come into contact with your carpet; if you’re using a canister-style machine, be careful not to push too hard. A good rule of thumb is to apply firm but gentle pressure against the nozzle head so it stays just above the surface of the carpet without making contact.


Most makeups come in small containers and make an obvious mess if spilled. It may not seem like much, but little drops add up quickly. Spilled makeup is particularly hard to clean from carpets and the bristles on a vacuum cleaner will just push it further into the fabric. Luckily, there are ways for you to remove excess amounts of makeup before it has time to be spilled by following these simple tips: use small applicators or cotton swabs, carry around eyedroppers in your bag, put make-up wipes in your purse for easy access, keep all make-up containers closed tightly so spills stay contained, wipe any excess with tissues or paper towels and lastly never shake your foundation. I hope this blog post was helpful!