How to Decorate a Pavilion for Birthday Party?

How to Decorate a Pavilion for Birthday Party?

Many people are looking for great birthday party venues, but not all of them will be able to find the perfect one, which means that they have to compromise on something just to get by and enjoy their party. In order to make sure that you don’t end up in this boat, One of the joys of throwing a birthday party for kids at home or in the backyard is that you get to decorate everything from a giant tent pavilion to the water fountain and pots surrounding it! If you’re planning on hosting your kid’s next birthday party, make sure you follow these steps for how to decorate a pavilion for birthday party so that your guests can enjoy it as much as they will your planning and hosting efforts!

Some important things that you should know for birthday party to decorate pavilion

There are many things you need to know about how to decorate a pavilion for your next celebration. For example, what kind of decorations should you use? What colors work best in the space? What about theme? And more! Here are some helpful tips on how to start planning your event.







  • Tie your balloons with strings that are long enough to hang down from the ceiling of the pavilion. Use different colored balloons to create a rainbow effect in order to match your theme. Hang these at different levels so that they don’t all touch the floor and create an un-inviting feel.
  • String up some paper lanterns, or other string lights, over where people will be sitting or standing as they enter the pavilion space. This creates an intimate feeling when people first walk in and also helps them find their way around because it is usually dark indoors with few light sources available. Add some plant life by putting small plants near each person’s seat. 
  • Have seating on both sides of the aisle leading into the center of the pavilion space so that there can be two aisles to give it a more ceremonial feel. To keep things looking clean, line up seats against one side of the aisle only and place any tables you might need behind this row. For larger parties, have additional rows on either side of this aisle to maximize seating arrangements. 
  • Make sure there is plenty of signage about what’s happening inside at any given time: who’s giving speeches or performing; where food will be served; bathrooms; etcetera . People are likely going to want to know what kind of event they’re attending before entering!


Think about what you want the message of your event to be, and then create or purchase banners that will reinforce that. For example, if you’re throwing a birthday party for an 8-year old and want it to have a theme of trees, you could hang up green paper leaves with messages like Happy 8th Birthday written on them. You could also print out pictures from Pinterest of various types of trees and glue them onto construction paper before making a banner. If you’re creating a banner with more than one side, make sure it has something different on each side so people don’t get bored looking at it!


  • It’s also important that you have some kind of theme going on. You can go with something traditional like yellow and red, or you can go with something more modern like black and white. You can also just do the colors of your child’s favorite sports team. 
  • Once you have a theme in mind, start putting up streamers or balloons all over the place. This is an easy way to set up your tent, because it will create an instant atmosphere when guests arrive. 
  • Now that you have the inside of the tent all decorated, it’s time to work on the outside! Start by putting up some banners and signs in order to make people aware of where they are going and what kind of event they are attending.


A tablecloth is an essential element of the table setting. It provides protection from spills and stains, it’s typically used as a placemat, and it can be useful in creating different looks depending on how you choose to fold it. Here are some ideas for how you can use your tablecloth for more than just the top of your dining room table. 

  • Create an elegant looking buffet by spreading out your tablecloth on top of a long rectangular table. Fold one side down and lay out all of the food in that section. Pull up the other side of the cloth to create a clean background for displaying any dishes with colorful garnishes. You could also set up a few small tables with individual settings so guests have their own place to set their plate and utensils without having them get lost in larger tables capes. 
  • If you want to add color or pattern to your otherwise bland-looking picnic table, cover it with a brightly colored cloth like this white polka dot tablecloth! It’ll look great when you lay out matching napkins, silverware and plates on top.


There are many ways you can decorate your pavilion with cake. One way is to simply set out some tiers of cake on tables in the pavilion and let guests cut them themselves. This is a great idea if you don’t have much time or don’t want to spend money on expensive decorations. However, if you want something more formal, you could buy pre-made cake and tie it up with ribbon before setting it down on the tables. Another option is to set up one large cake that everyone can see as they come into the venue, which looks especially good when lit up with candles and flowers around it. If you’re feeling extra festive, make two cakes instead: one chocolate and one vanilla! You can also save money by only having one big cake instead of individual ones. Decorating the table doesn’t stop at just cake; there’s plenty of other things to do as well! In order to get the most bang for your buck without breaking the bank, focus on what will add color (like fresh fruit) while still staying within budget limits.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to party planning, every detail counts. Planning the decorations is one of the most important steps in this process. You should start by selecting an overall theme and then build your theme around that. You can either use your home as the venue, or rent out a pavilion. In this blog post, we have discussed how you can decorate your pavilion for a birthday party. Make sure to choose a color scheme that matches the theme of your event. For example, if you are celebrating a baby’s first birthday, you could go with pastel colors. For games, put up signs and posters with instructions on what to do. Have goody bags ready with prizes inside them so they will be given away when someone wins at the game. Also make sure to get plenty of food – both sweet and savory – as well as drinks such as punch or lemonade; also don’t forget about cake! Read more for these type of blogs.