How Long Does it Take for Flight Club to Process?

How Long Does it Take for Flight Club to Process?

How long does it take to process my order? If you place your order before 1pm, we aim to dispatch within the next business day. Please note that some orders may take slightly longer, depending on the product you’ve ordered and your location within the UK or internationally. In addition, we don’t always ship on business days (Monday through Friday), so please allow extra time if your order falls on a weekend or bank holiday. Typically, shipping from flight club takes 3-5 business days within the UK or 5-7 business days internationally.

How long does it take Flight Club to process an order? They say 2-4 business days but how long does it actually take? I placed an order around the middle of August and I still haven’t received it. This kind of makes me mad because if they don’t process the order, they can’t ship the item out so they’re making my money sit in their bank account without doing anything with it, which really sucks since I need that money to pay my rent next month. Why do companies have to scam people like this?

A little bit about my experience

It took about two weeks or so and I’ve had a pretty good experience with them so far. Flight Club is a website that has given me the opportunity to experience some of the greatest experiences you can imagine in life. I used this app on my phone after seeing an ad, I submitted my information and made a payment that was less than $50. They never asked for any bank information which was good because I only have a debit card. After two weeks of waiting, they emailed me letting me know that one of the deals had become available and could be purchased without paying anything more, meaning no extra fees! They even sent me a list of all the cool things I could do, everything from skydiving to parasailing. The next day I got another email saying that someone else bought my deal but then another email came through letting me know that they found another deal and if interested let them know ASAP.

I just texted them back saying yes and not even 10 minutes later they responded back telling me the price which was just around $60 including taxes and fees, not bad at all considering what’s included in this deal! So now it’s waiting time again while they try to get approval from the location but as soon as everything is confirmed by both parties then we’re ready to go!

Flight Club refund policy

Most airlines charge a $200 penalty fee and restrict access to programs if someone returns a ticket too soon after purchase. At Flight Club, we don’t charge any penalty fees or restrict your access – you’ll get the money back within 24 hours and keep your same privileges.

We will also refund all of the miles you’ve spent with us, not just the portion that corresponds with the price of the ticket. If you’re not an Executive Member, you’ll get up to 75% of your miles back! That’s because when a flight is booked through our site, you earn 10% of what you spend in our rewards program (every penny counts!). When this policy goes into effect on January 18th, 2019, there will be no limit on how many miles are refunded.

Customer service reviews

Hey Flight Club, how are you? I hope everything is going well. I’ve been following your Facebook page, and reading all of the reviews, and I’m glad people like what you do here. I’m sorry that some people have had negative experiences, but I would just like to know one thing: how long does it take Flight Club to process a payment?

Thanks in advance! Your loyal customer, Jair Flight Club is usually very quick with their responses to any questions or problems their customers may be having. The transaction times vary depending on when you make the purchase and if there are other aspects about your order that need to be verified before we can process your order (such as an address change). For example, if you were to place an order on Tuesday night, we should be able to process the payment no later than Wednesday morning. The time frame could vary though because there may be a weekend coming up where orders will not ship until Monday morning due to inventory arriving at our fulfillment center on Friday.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day!

Flight Club shipping reviews

Based on the reviews I have read and taken in mind, Flight Club says they offer four-day shipping, but as stated by most reviewers I have seen, this is not true. It usually takes a little over two weeks to receive your shipment. When you do get your order, make sure you are aware of the contents and condition of your order. There are many complaints that arrive damaged because of poor packaging practices. Furthermore, there seems to be an issue with lost orders with many customers unable to track their orders through their website or call customer service for information about the order’s whereabouts. Customers also seem unhappy with the prices which may be cheaper than other websites, but Flight Club charges $14.99 per pair of sneakers ordered plus another $6.00 handling fee per pair, so those savings could end up costing more than paying full price elsewhere if you factor in all of these extra fees.


Flight Club requires a 3–5-day processing time before they begin processing orders. Orders are shipped out on Tuesdays and Fridays, so if your order is processed on Monday or Wednesday you should receive it the following Tuesday or Friday respectively. Flight Club uses Canada Post Xpresspost service which is reliable and fast. It can take up to 10 days in rural areas, but usually 3-5 days. The quickest way to find out when your order was processed is by contacting Flight Club directly at Flight Club has responded promptly every time, I have contacted them with my questions. They always answer me quickly and do their best to accommodate any needs that I might have.

In conclusion, ordering from Flight Club is relatively easy as long as you know what items are eligible for purchase and how much shipping will cost. Read more for these type of blogs.