Can You Call a Hotel and Ask for a Guest?

Can You Call a Hotel and Ask for a Guest?

If you’re making plans to stay at a hotel and would like to ensure your favorite celebrity is also there, you can simply call the hotel and ask for that individual by name, right? Perhaps not. Unless you have some kind of insider connection, or you know someone who works at the hotel, it may be unlikely you’ll be able to get in contact with that particular person or even know if they’re staying there. So how do celebrities keep their whereabouts secret? Is it even possible to find out if they are staying at a hotel?

When traveling to different cities, knowing how to find your way around is always helpful. Of course, locals can recommend the best restaurants, attractions and places to stay, but sometimes those recommendations can be difficult to follow up on if you don’t have any ideas about where to look. If you need help finding the best hotels in town, here are a few tips on calling a hotel and asking for a guest by name so that you can make sure that your visit goes off without a hitch!

Yes, But do it Tactfully

Yes, you can call a hotel and ask for a guest. If they have room available, they will often be happy to accommodate you. But if they don’t have any vacancies, it’s better to call them up beforehand, so that they’re not surprised when you show up unannounced. Calling the day of your arrival is also an option. Just be sure to do it tactfully! And even if they say no, it’s always worth asking: Hi there, I was just wondering if I could book a room tonight? It never hurts to try. Maybe someone who wanted to stay for one night booked two rooms at once. Or maybe the person on reception is having a really bad day and just needs something nice happening in their life. There are some hotels out there with friendly people behind the desk who are more than willing to help customers out–as long as you keep it polite.

No, But There are Alternatives

There are many other ways to find out if an individual is staying at a hotel without having to call the front desk. Hotels often provide online check-in information, which can include email addresses, phone numbers, and room numbers for guests. Hotel websites often allow you to track someone by their name or last name. This will allow you to determine if that person has checked into the hotel of your choice. Another option would be to post on social media with the person’s picture asking if anyone knows where they are currently staying or in what city they are visiting. A final option is by contacting the transportation company they use (such as Uber) to see where that person was dropped off when coming from the airport. In order to do this you must know the time that person left and arrived at the airport, which means contacting them first. The best way to find out where someone is staying while they’re away from home is just to call them!

No, and Here’s Why

In order to call a hotel, the person on the other end of the line will most likely ask for your room number. This is so that they know where you are calling from. It is not possible to call a hotel and ask for a guest in the sense that you can just dial up any random number and find out who is staying there by saying I’d like to speak with Room 201 please.

What you would need to do instead is call the front desk and say Please connect me to Room 201. The person at the front desk will then connect you to that room, allowing you to speak with whomever might be in it. If you want to talk to someone specifically, you can usually identify them by their name when speaking with the operator. If not, ask for their room number.

Yes, But if Not…

You can call a hotel and ask for a guest. If you are calling a hotel to get information, see the contact information at the bottom of this post.

You can also call hotels to inquire about reservations or bookings made through their reservation lines or online booking systems.

If you’re looking to make an appointment with someone at the hotel, such as if you would like to visit the spa or make an appointment at the salon, we suggest calling individual departments directly rather than going through general customer service lines.

 The reason why you shouldn’t call to ask for a specific guest, is if you are looking to make an appointment with someone at the hotel, such as if you would like to visit the spa or make an appointment at salon. This means that you shouldn’t call just to find out which guests are staying at that hotel, since it’s likely that there will be many guests staying in any given hotel.


A hotel can be called to book a room, but the call will usually go to the front desk. If you don’t have any reservations, the person at the front desk may ask you if you would like them to search for available rooms in the area. If your answer is yes, they may ask you what kind of rates you are looking for. After that, they will contact some hotels in your area to see which one has availability. Some hotels also require an advance deposit or payment before booking with them. After all that is taken care of, they will give you your reservation information and tell you how long it will take before your room is ready. When we called about checking out of our hotel, the receptionist gave us two hours. We were told that if we needed more time, we could talk to them about it when we arrived and asked about parking rates for our car. They also told us that there was no fee for parking as long as you parked outside the building near the emergency exit where there was free parking on a first-come first-served basis. Read more for these type of blogs.